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Before diving into the details of what MSI afterburner is including its feature and what does it do, let’s first take a look at what an afterburner is.

Afterburners or more specifically afterburner software is used in many fields for various purposes. An afterburner enhances the speed of any device similar to how an enzyme is used as a catalyst. This is why an afterburner has not just one but in fact numerous functions, each with a different purpose. Two of the most common afterburners are described below.

Afterburners or Reheat (used in Aviation)

Afterburners have been used in the aviation systems for years now. Afterburners in aviation are mainly used for the purpose of military operations where jets are required to operate in combat.

The design of an afterburner used in jets is of a cylindrical shape, fixed at the rear end of a plane (consisting of some jet injectors, a fuel pipe for the fuel to burn in at the time of take-off, and a nozzle) but why is it fixed at the rear end and not at the front. This is because the purpose of the afterburner is to provide maximum thrust to the jet either at the time of takeoff from short runways or for the purpose of supersonic flights. The thrust is achieved by injecting additional fuel into the jet which enables the jet to take off at a higher speed than normally expected.

Although the afterburner increases the pressure applied on the jet without putting much weight or adding other parts in the jet it still comes with a heavy price. The biggest flaw of the afterburner used in supersonic jets is that afterburners consume a lot of fuel and this decreases the fuel efficiency so in return the jet can only cover a short distance. So, afterburners in airplanes are only used for covering short distances during flight operation or in landing or take-off during air combat. Approximately, the thrust of an engine increases about 50% or more after the addition of inserting an afterburner.

Afterburners (used in Computer Systems)

The purpose of the afterburner here is also to increase the efficiency of a system but it is used in a different approach. Afterburner in a computer system is downloaded from the Internet. The function of an afterburner in a computer is to accelerate the graphic card. A graphic card contains a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) processor which controls the 2D and 3D visuals on a computer. The afterburner enhances the usage and capability of the GPU chip which in turn enhances the graphic visuals like the quality of the picture, better rendering polygons, and texture mapping. The difference is very well visible which makes the picture quality look better for the use by the artist and graphic designers alike.

About MSI AfterBurner

MSI afterburner is software used exactly for the same purpose for what an afterburner is used in a computer system. Out of the many downloadable softwares, MSI Afterburner is one of the most advanced software used by millions of users worldwide.

MSI afterburner was launched by Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. Micro-star international Co Ltd is a Taiwanese-based multinational electronics company that specializes in developing computer hardware products including graphic cards, motherboards, laptops, desktops, video graphic accelerate (VGA) cards, and other various computer components. The company was founded by 5 people Joseph Hsu, Jeans Huang, Frank Lin, Kenny Yu, and Henry Lu who worked at Sony but after the company scaled-down, they established Micro-star international co ltd (MSI) in 1985. In 1997, the company inaugurated its first plant (plant-1) in Jung-hee city. The company’s headquarters is based in Zhonghe, New Taipei, Taiwan with numerous offices located all over the globe including South Africa, Australia, Europe, and America. As of today, the company has a total of 2370 employees (according to with a global presence in over 120 countries including Asia.

Some of the most famous and well-known products of MSI include motherboards and graphic cards. They introduced the first-ever overclockable 286 motherboards. Further dive into their products also includes multimedia peripherals and IPC’s.

The company also established its subsidiary FUNTORO which was established in 2008 with the focus on providing automotive infotainment including telematics solutions, media-on-demand solutions, fleet management services, railway infotainment solutions plus stadium and arena solutions, and many more. Like its parent company, FUNTORO has also been very successful in establishing its share. In 2009 the company has the biggest market share in 2009 in Turkey and Latin America. FUNTORO is also global manufacture for Mercedes Benz and has more than 1,00,00 terminals running in 38 countries providing a vast number of transportation solutions.

Today the products of MSI are considered one of the most successful ones. MSI has both partnered and sponsored with some of the most successful company’s around the world including Fnatic, Cloud9, and many esports teams like METHOD, Vox Eminor, Team Infuse, Aperture Gaming, MSI Evolution, PENTA Sports, Energy esports, NXA- ladies, HWA Gaming, Saigon fantastic five and others. Because of its close association with gaming the company’s logo is similar as well “TRUE GAMING. SOME ARE PC, WE ARE GAMING.” Currently, the CEO is Chares Chiang and as of 2018, the revenue of the company has reached US$4 Billion. Moreover, MSI also provides warranty service globally in Europe, Asia, North America as well as in Central America. MSI is also the host of the MSI masters arena, (an international gaming event also formerly known as MSI beat it)

msi afterburner


MSI did not release one but many versions of the MSI afterburners. In order to improve the MSI afterburner for easier use and inclusion of more features, new versions were introduced after changes made in the previously existing versions with the latest existing version being at 4.6.3 ( March 2021).

Pros & Cons

It is free to use
It is not hard to navigate the controls. Each tab is differentiated by a colour i-e green or grey with glowing boxes. There are separate boxes for memory speed, fan settings, core, shader clock controls, startup options and hardware monitor.For the danger of overclocking the PC (which could lead to high temperature and also since higher voltages can be destructive to the circuit if used for a long time), it is recommended to start doing it incrementally because higher temperatures can damage the CPU and also cost a few lifespans.
The software is easily accessible over the Internet on with step by step tutorial on how to download it.Pushing the GPU too hard can crack the graphic visuals inside by showing glitches or in worst case scenario can also crash the PC.
The performance is great especially and that is why it is most famously used in games.If you do not know what you’re doing while adjusting settings, then the software could cause instability issues which could affect the PC in a negative way.
The server not only works well with MSI video cards but also with majority GPUs.Due to a lot of features in the latest version, beginners have found it hard to connect with the software. This is why it is recommended for professionals first.
It is user friendly.

MSI Afterburner Works On

MSI afterburner is available for Windows 7 and above. It is also available for Android and the links for these downloads can be found directly on their website under the tab of ‘Downloads’. However, it is not available for Apple or Macintosh computers.

Though over 100 million users are directly associated with Apple PCs yet at the moment there have been no developments or plans to introduce the software on Mac. The reason is due to the closed-end nature of Macintosh-based devices. In addition, Kombustor Benchmarking is another software that needs to be installed with MSI afterburner which is also unavailable for Mac-based PC’s.


Features of the MSI afterburner include:

Fan Graphs

One of the most advanced features of MSI afterburner is the inclusion of a fan. The dissipation of heat is a very important part especially during gaming when heat builds up with no imbed feature present in the PC to cool it off. This is why MSI afterburner lets the user customize the already imbed fan according to what the user wants. Not only this, but the user can also track the fan’s speed and the temperature through the fan graph and temperature sensors already present in the software.

Detection at its Best

MSI afterburner detects everything itself. The user does not have to add any information regarding graphic display or any monitor control information. MSI afterburner also has the ability to tweak core and shader memory levels according to your system.

Custom Profiles

MSI afterburner allows the user to customize skins by choice. Moreover, MSI afterburner also allows users to create and customize profiles for different usage like for gaming or to navigate the sites and controls for graphic purposes or any other, depending on the user. Profile hotkeys is another feature of MSI afterburner making it easier for the user to switch in between games. MSI afterburner also provides 2D/3D automatic switch in the same tab.


MSI afterburner provides up to a 15% increase in performance efficiency. Not only this, but it also provides additional features like voltage function, temp limit core clock, memory clock adjustment with a multi GPU independent control for clock and fan likewise. Users can also apply overclocking settings at system startup. Moreover, MSI afterburner also has additional support plugins like driver version, identification, OSD plugin, and also for BIOS version.

The Predator Video Capture Feature

MSI afterburner allows the user to record the game in action. The user can then post the video of his game on a social networking site like YouTube etc. The user can also adjust the quality and size of the frame with both uncompressed and compressed format (RTV1 or MJPG). Not only this, but the MSI afterburner also provides real-time on-screen display information present in the FPS counter (embedded in-game) allowing the user to see his software controls including temperature and fan control at all-time even during gaming.

OC Scanner

The OC Scanner is one of MSI afterburner’s most prominent features. This feature analyses the user’s pc and then gives the most accurate description of overclocking your device accordingly. The Voltage/Frequency matches the value of the clock speed to that of the voltage that could hold that value of clock speed.


All major languages are supported in this software. Though the first few versions only had a language included, the latest version includes all major languages including Portuguese. Because of a wide range of applications, the MSI afterburner supports all 64- bit applications.

How to Use MSIAfterburner

  1. Search for and click on the ‘DOWNLOADS’ option.
  2. Whichever version you want to download, Windows or Android, click on the link and follow the steps. Run the software on your computer and then allow time for it to download.
  3. After the program has been downloaded open the software and clicks on ‘Settings’. Adjust the settings accordingly. Make sure you have turned on the ‘Voltage Control’ (this can be done by clicking on the ‘General tab’ and then clicking on the ‘unlock voltage control’. But if you have to choose a GPU to monitor then click on the ‘General’ tab and choose the GPU you are going to work with.
  4. Adjust the ‘Temp Limit’ and ‘Power Limit’ to your liking. (It is recommended to push it to the maximum for efficient working)
  5. Adjust the core cock speed accordingly but do not increase it too much. Start small from 5MHz and keep it till 30MHz. Do not exceed more than 30MHz.
  6. Perform the stress speed test but increase the increment (can be around 50MHz- 100MHz). Also, start reducing the memory clock speed until you find stability in the speed.
  7. Test the core clock and the memory clock again for any glitch or problem in between. If there is no problem then save it by clicking on the floppy disk icon but remember before after making any change, make sure you click on ‘Apply’ otherwise the changes you make will not be saved.
  8. You’re done! Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Yes, if your Pc is being used for a heavy operation like gaming etc. It is completely worth it since MSI afterburner will enhance the working of your PC by providing better controls and amazing features that you cannot say No to.

The software is licensed by Firmware so it is completely free of cost. There is no monthly or yearly subscription fee for the software. You simply have to download it from the internet.

The Predator feature found in MSI afterburner enables the user to record the game live while playing. The user can then post or share it on other websites like YouTube etc.

The latest version of MSI afterburner is 4.6.2 (2020) and can be easily downloadable from

MSI afterburner is graphic card overclocking software that allows for greater maximum efficiency and speed. It is mostly used in Gaming where users tend to enhance the capability of the PC for better visuals, faster speed and easy controls.

Afterburner is the gold standard of overclocking utilities.

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