MSI Afterburner 4.1.0

The MSI afterburner 4.1.0 was launched on 03 Jan 2014 (6 years ago). According to, the new MSI afterburner includes brand new skins by Drerex Design which with the help of the skin compiler (introduced in the previous version) reduces the size of the skin by 10 at average.

New hardware features have been directly imported into this version of MSI afterburner 4.1 .0 from RivaTuna hardware. This enables the user to view HML files from the hardware monitoring system by pressing the “View” button in the “Monitor” tab or by using the web. Also, users can now set up to 8 custom markers in any position and can also customize the colours of graphs by double-clicking the colour legend box on the graph. Users can also track values of markers display not only in the active graph but in a layered graph as well.

The ‘User Interface’ tab pops up immediately because the user no longer has to wait for the skins to process because the skins are now being added in a separate background thread. A number of new indicators have also been added like vector indicator (for antialiasing and speeding up the performance) and animator indicators. Skin scaling support has also been added to improve the resolution of third party skins in addition with back buffering support system.

In this version of MSI afterburner, new third- party skins have also been added from the GeForce 200 series and USF skin series. It is now also possible to open the advanced settings window and the information window through a keyboard shortcut that would also provide compatibility with a third party server. A silent installation scenario has also been added as an additional feature.

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