MSI Afterburner 4.2.0

The MSI afterburner 4.2.0 was launched on 10 Dec 2015 (4 years ago). The best feature about this version is that it supports both AMD and NVIDIA graphic cards. This means that the user no longer has to switch between the graphic cards since this version of MSI afterburner provides the user with the same functionality of hardware, making the migration process much easier. The user can also design skins of his choice and can also change the localization into his native language. This version also supports third-party VFW codes, enhances RTV1 and MJPG video editing with accelerated encoding for hardware through NVIDIA NVENC, AMD VCE and Intel QuickSync. Video capture software with a push-to-talk feature is free now.

With fixed manual fan speed mode or default automatic fan speed mode, MSI afterburner also provides automatic fan speed mode which allows the user to define the speed of the fan by choice. In addition, the profile management system allows the user to create downclocking rules by preference. The memory 10 voltage control with Core 9 and VDDCI/PEXVDD auxiliary gives a more enhancing experience as compared with the previous versions.

According to, AMD Fiji graphic support processors have also been added along with AMD Radeon Software (Crimson edition) with “LegacyDriverDetection” which allows user to legacy driver version if there is a problem with the Catalyst driver. The MSI GTX980Ti Lightning series graphics cards with NCT7511Y thermal sensors and the MSI GTX980Ti Lightning series graphics cards with IR3595A+IR3567B voltage regulators. The temperature monitoring for CPUs between 10h and 16h is unlocked by default for CPUs with thermal monitoring. Brazilian and Portuguese localization has also been included.

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