MSI Afterburner 4.5.0

The MSI afterburner 4.5.0 was released on 25 Apr 2018 (one year ago). In this version of MSI afterburner MSI Cyborg White Skin and on/off states of fan speed button have become more identifiable. Users can also use the backup/restore command switches to backup their MSI afterburners and may also configure settings from other restore points. According to option called “Show profiler panel” has also been introduced showing the user a detailed description of per- sensor polling statistics. Correction formulas may now also be used for sibling data sources. Incorrect tracking markers have also been fixed with the addition of Intel i7 and i9 7XXXX LGA2066 CPUs. The sample interval for CPU’s usage calculation has also been reduced from 1000ms to 100ms.

Plugin descriptions have now been added to the plugin window and a new SetupSource API function has also been added which enables the user to configure settings per his like. This also allows the user to customize the desired plugin directly from the data source or choose from the selection window. Addition of GetHostAppProperty API function allows retrieval of new properties from the host application. A new plugin for both CPU and GPU has also been added. A SMART plugin for temperature Intel and Samsung has also been added. Also, the addition of HwInfo, PerfCounter and GUI for AIDA64 plugins allows the user to edit the list of sensors exported by each plugin including customizing or resetting plugins.

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