MSI Afterburner 4.6.0 Beta 10

The MSI afterburner 4.6.0 was released on 16 Jan 2019 (one year ago). The features of this version were mostly for users testing only. Afterburner 4.6.0 Beta 10 is built for the use of forum-regular, experienced users and not for the general public. However, some websites have made this beta viral and kept deep-linking towards the download binary. This beta is an early, public beta. But given the ubiquitous use of binary these days the beta is made a public beta. It can be found on download pages and gives a secure and safe option to download it from. The new version consists of V/C curve assistance for particularly AMD cards and OC scanners etc.   

Date released: 16 Jan 2019 (one year ago)

Requirements: Windows XP/Windows 8/ Windows 7/ Vista/ Window 10

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