MSI Afterburner V4.6.4 Beta 2

MSI Afterburner has also released its latest V4.6.4 beta 2 a couple of days ago. This is not the final stable version. If you want to download the final stable version of MSI Afterburner then you can download MSI Afterburner V4.6.3.  

MSI Afterburner is an amazing graphic software, through which you can boost and enhance the performance of your graphic cards.

License Agreement:  Secondly, this is a beta version; therefore you can use this version at your own risk.  RivaTuner’s team does not take responsibility for the beta version. We also do not take responsibility for the beta version, because it is not as stable as the final version V4.6.3. We also do not give technical supports for the beta version of MSI Afterburner. Beta version is being published in order to test its performance and how people respond to that particular version. Therefore do not always rely on the beta version.

Main Features of MSI Afterburner V4.6.4 Beta 2

  • For Intel 11th generation CPUs, new features have been added
  • For mobile AMD Ryzen CPUs also new features have been added
  • In AMD RADEON RX 6700 XT graphics cards, a new voltage control design has been added
  • In NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30*0 graphics cards memory overclocking limit has been increased
  • Through this beta version, you can also adjust CPU temperature
  • New RivaTuner Server has been added and also it has been upgraded to V7.3.2
  • New RivaTuner has so many plugins and a visual overlay editor plugin, through which you can customize your own OSD along with the internal OSD layout editor
  • New MSI Ampere with a very beautiful Indigo Drerex design has been added
  • In V4.6.3 and in beta version new automated overclocking support has been added for both clocks, through which you can control both memory and core clock

MSI Afterburner V4.6.3

We are happy to announce to you that, MSI Afterburner has released its latest version 4.6.3 couple of days ago. In this article, you are going to download the latest version of MSI Afterburner V4.6.3. The previous version MSI Afterburner 4.6.2 was released on 12 November 2019. MSI Afterburner is overclocking software, through which you can control your graphic card and boost its performance.

This is the final stable version of MSI Afterburner while the beta version has an expiration limit in it. This version has been developed by the RivaTuner team. The latest version has finely tuned with new features. As you are familiar with our website, we have added all the latest and old versions of MSI Afterburner to our site. You can download any version of MSI Afterburner from our site from its first version MSI Afterburner 1.3.0 to the latest version MSI Afterburner V4.6.3.

Main Features of MSI Afterburner V4.6.3

  • New NVIDIA Ampere GPU architecture has been added
  • New OC scanner API support and new fan 3.0 API support has been added to the latest version
  • With the help of NVIDIA OC Scanner, you can access third-party software via NVAPI
  • This new MSI Overclocking scanner can support both NVIDIA OC Scanner API
  • New automates has been added for both memory clocks and core
  • A new Revert button has been added in the latest version, through which you can revert the memory clock and overclocked curve to their default position
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30*0 graphic cards and voltage control adjustment has been added
  • Drerex design has introduced new ampere and indigo skin of MSI Afterburner as below
  • Now it will also support 10th generation CPUs of Intel
  • A new temperature monitoring feature has been implemented
  • RivaTuner has been upgraded to version 7.3.0
  • Beta 5 of MSI Afterburner V4.6.3 is upgraded for AMD 6800/6900 users. In this version, tuning control has been upgraded from manual to automatic.

Released Date: 3rd March 2021

Version: 4.6.3

Requirements: Windows XP/Windows 8/ Windows 7/Vista/Windows 10